With no extreme political motivations, having recently watched Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’, #actonclimateI was pleased to hear about President Barrack Obama urging his country to ‘act on climate’ as his administration set carbon pollution standards for power plants.  Globally, with industry and consumer needs demanding supply of clean, sustainable and renewable energy, and with electricity prices on the up-and-up for ordinary taxpayers, nobody can deny that climate change is an overwhelming ‘judgement of science’.
So while we in Australia have a long way to go before we are up to Germany’s standards (now generating 74% of power needs from renewable energy), in fact many of us may feel that Australia is taking a step backwards in global renewable trends.  Maybe….maybe not.  Following a little research I found two very creative and unassuming projects going on in Australia, that you might like to hear about, from a very objective but admiring point of view.

The first was  Moree Solar farm – Developed by FRV, a global Spanish giant in the solar industry, Moree Solar farm, in northern NSW allows no less than 222,880 solar panels to follow the sun for maximum efficiency and generate enough electricity to supply  15,000 homes. Mr. Rafael Benjumea, the CEO of  FRV says ‘Australia has one of the leading solar resources in the world so the potential at that level is nothing short of incredible’.

And another interesting renewable project is Perth Wave Energy Project – This project is the world’s first commercial-scale wave energy facility that is connected to the grid and has the ability to produce desalinated water and energy, selling both to the Department of Defence.

So while Australia has the potential, announcing recently in the  Direct Action Plan that 23% per cent of Australia’s electricity generation in 2020 will be from renewable sources, 26-28% below 2005 levels, it’s clear we still need to #act on climate.

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Uglier than a smoking chimney stack??

Synergia1 sees this as a huge growth area for their engineering consultancy and project management business and would love to share our stories with you.  And if you know of any great projects or would like to share any amazing renewable energy project stories with us, please let us know.  We are always interested in spreading the renewable word and showing people that Australia too can #act on climate.

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