General and marine – Engineers and Consultants

Ahoy! Australian Marine Industry

With the changing dynamics of the Australian marine industry,  Synergia1 wanted to take an opportunity to let our community know about specific marine experience within our capability.

Think Diesel mechanics and vessel repair.  Think aluminium welding and project management.  Think quality tradespeople, through life support and marine consultancy.  These integral services paint a good fundamental image of Synergia1’s capabilities with marine works.  Experience from Australian marine industry, Europe and United Sates on specific vessel projects, adds to the unique and valued experience show-cased by Synergia1.

El Niño and water shortages – Synergia1

We don’t hear much about it on Australian media, however we are no strangers to natural disasters.  We know drought, we know fire and we know floods. However, we are not alone in these experiences, and one cannot help but wonder about these disasters in our region, and perhaps if El Nino is really quietly pulling the climate strings.  We hear conflicting reports: warm pacific waters, but cool off NSW, we hear about ‘the Blob’ off America and wonder is the pacific ocean really becoming a ‘cauldron’ like the New York Times says?  Is it just media hype? Or do we need to start  re-thinking our disaster plan to included basic necessities like clean water?

Act on climate with renewable energy

With no extreme political motivations, having recently watched Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’, I was pleased to hear about President Barrack Obama urging his country to ‘act on climate’ as his administration set carbon pollution standards for power plants.  Globally, with industry and consumer needs demanding supply of clean, sustainable and renewable energy, and with electricity prices on the up-and-up for ordinary taxpayers, nobody can deny that climate change is an overwhelming ‘judgement of science’.

The engineers of the future – a bright resource

Having recently read a blog about the Engineer of 2020, I wondered if anyone would like to attempt to profile an  Australian Engineer of the future.

The Baby Boomers are all but yesterday, and today we read about generations  X, Y and Z,  we hear about Millennials;  we know about geeks, nerds, introverts and extroverts; we have digital addicts;  we have extra spirited ADHD’s and non-conformers, juveniles and visionaries,  minority groups, ethnics, global citizens, excluded and included, exceptions and inceptions…..the list goes on.   And of course we have some good old fashioned hard-working Aussie girls and boys!   No country celebrates diversity quite like Australia. So we must have some engineers in there!