Ahoy! Australian Marine Industry

With the Australian marine industry abuz this week, Synergia1 wanted to take an opportunity to let our community know about specific marine experience within our capability.

Synergia1 marine enineering
Marine Engineering by Synergia1

Diesel mechanics, vessel repair, aluminium welding, project management, quality tradespeople, through life support and marine consultancy doesn’t quite cover it, however it paints a good fundamental image.  Experience from Australian marine industry, Europe and United Sates on specific vessel projects, adds to the unique and valued experience show-cased by Synergia1.

Add to that, commissioning and de-commissioning of plant and equipment, managing maintenance and repair contracts, overseeing unique vessel engineering specifics and more.  We include also a unique leadership style that recognizes the power of diverse ideas from the people on the ground, pushing always to achieving the optimum results by challenging our team respectfully. Specific marine knowledge supported by broad  and general engineering experience across numerous industries is a formula not easily found in the industry. Synergia1 has it to hand.

Call Damian on 0418156481 and he will fill you in on projects covering pumping systems, gas dosing facilities, and other marine specific testing and handling experience.

Alternatively, download our marine capability sheet and get in touch by filling out the adjacent enquiry form.