The holistic engineering solution

Introducing Synergia1: bringing together a hand-picked team of professionals, technicians and tradespeople with unique skills, experience and values

Synergia1’s vision is to provide a holistic and customized mechanical/marine engineering and consulting service recognizing clients’ needs and managing change.  We provide specific and uniquely tailored solutions in Queensland and in the Pacific region.  We support general mechanical and marine industries, reducing work-overflows and stressors within management teams providing clarity throughout the life of a project.  With many years of insight into mechanical and marine engineering, Synergia1 gives priority to safety, efficiency and fiscally sound planning.  With these crucial issues relevant to every engineering and marine engineering business,  Synergia1 has the capability to customize work processes for each client’s unique situation.

Image by Jani Brumat

We communicate……

We share and communicate our experiences with you, empowering staff and supporting projects throughout their lifecycles. After some forty years experience in Queensland, interstate and overseas, Damian Canniffe founded Synergia1, with a specific vision of  providing holistic engineering services tailored for mechanical and marine engineering. He and his team have unique and valued exposure, engineering wisdom with broad  real-world experience in marine engineering and mechanical engineering.

We support…..

Synergia1’s team can value-add to your project by offering a range of capabilities including hands-on repair and maintenance, set-up and shut-down, project management, re-engineering, re-manufacturing and more.

We deliver…..

√   General  consultancy and project management experiences

√   Specialized diesel and marine machining services

√  To government and private industry

√  Across mining, manufacturing, marine, power, alternative-power and more

√  Building long-lasting, sustainable relationships in each project

√ Safely, on-time, on-budget,


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